A local software developer’s lockbox puzzle game is a hit on Reddit and at breweries. Is company culture next?

After topping the Reddit Secret Santa Gift Exchange and getting the attention of Adam Savage, Ben Ferry is building Lockbox Adventures into a full-on business.

For Ben Ferry, a software developer out of Pasadena, the motivation to create an experience and a love for solving challenges led him to create Lockbox Adventures. Ferry describes it as a “reverse escape room,” in a box.

The game is this: You get a box in the mail that’s filled with loot, but no combination. The only way to get the combo to unlock the mystery prizes is to solve a series of brain teasers and puzzles.

It’s the kind of challenge that offers something to solve with others. And in the pandemic, when social gatherings are limited, it’s an experience that comes to you.

Ferry also sees it as a potential activity for companies seeking to boost morale among remote teams. After all, we’re all looking for some culture-building activities when we can’t get together for happy hour.

“This is something that comes straight to your house,” he said. “You can do it with a group of people in the safety of your own home. That was an unintentional benefit of this product in 2020.”

It’s the latest in a series of turns that has propelled the product, and in turn, led Ferry to entrepreneurship.

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