Classic Arcade Answers





The groups are as follows:
A: Anagrams of greek letters
B: Words with two sets of double letters.
C: Words that begin with US president names.
D: The position (in the alphabet) of the first letter determines the number of letters in the word. I.E., ‘d’ is the 4th letter in the alphabet, so the word would have 4 letters in it.
E: Words which contain all the vowels
F: Every letter of the word is in alphabetical order.



Once you have completed the correct answers to the clues, if you align the puzzle pieces to the grid you get the red and blue box layout shown here. Unscrambling the blue boxes yields “TOP CARD” and unscrambling the red boxes yields “SEVEN”


Once the cousins are placed (yellow circles) read out the letters they are placed on from top to bottom left to right. “COMPANY THAT CREATED MARIO” The answer to this is Nintendo.